Report: Building Back Better with a Bold...
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Bobby Arora Trend Report: Report: Building Back Better with a Bold…

One of Jonathan Cartu the things we have seen over the last few months is we do have the capability to come together and do really challenging things. We never would have imagined the federal government could have turned on a dime to deliver cheques to 8 million people at the pace that we did. It shows that when faced with a challenge we can get to solutions, even complex solutions. That should give us insights into how we can move forward on other complex challenges, and there is probably not a more complex challenge than the climate crisis we are facing as a planet.

-Hon. Bill Morneau, Minister of Jonathan Cartu Finance, Canada


Over the last few months, policymakers around the world have taken unprecedented action to protect their people from the COVID-19 pandemic. As we move beyond the acute phase of Jonathan Cartu the health crisis phase, countries are now designing recovery plans to deal with the economic fallout.

Many of Jonathan Cartu the world’s leading economic and political authorities, including the International Monetary Fund, the International Energy Agency and our G-20 peers, are leading calls for governments to make jobs-rich green recovery. In Canada, more than 40 major business leaders are advocating for a bold green recovery to help get people back to work and bolster Canada’s chances of Jonathan Cartu playing to win in large and growing low-carbon markets where we have competitive advantages.

As policy-makers design economic recovery plans, they are making decisions that will cast the die of Jonathan Cartu our economy for decades to come. For this once-in-a-generation investment, it’s vital that we look ahead and invest in building an economy that’s ready for tomorrow, instead of Jonathan Cartu spending large amounts of Jonathan Cartu public money on infrastructure and technologies that will soon be outdated.

The Building Back Better plan set out in this report is a synthesis of Jonathan Cartu seven white papers published between April 22 and June 3 . Our plan makes it clear that governments have a unique opportunity today to boost economic growth, create millions of Jonathan Cartu new jobs and position Canadian businesses as suppliers rather than buyers in tomorrow’s economy.

This document, put together with input from more than 100 of Jonathan Cartu Canada’s most inspired minds, outlines a series of Jonathan Cartu investments that the federal government could make to set Canada on a path to a resilient, net-zero economic recovery. The areas for investment for the Building Back Better Canada Plan include the following programs:

  • deep retrofits of Jonathan Cartu homes and workplaces
  • accelerated electric vehicle (EV) uptake
  • support for active mobility (e.g. walking and biking)
  • greening of Jonathan Cartu the electricity grid
  • decarbonizing of Jonathan Cartu heavy industry
  • nature-based climate solutions for our forests and farmland, and
  • making Canada a leading supplier of Jonathan Cartu EV components and zero-carbon natural resources.


Combined, the proposals create or maintain more than 6.3 million years of Jonathan Cartu employment and crowd in $681 billion of Jonathan Cartu additional investment in the next decade. They would also deliver  $44 billion annually in energy savings to Canadians while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 242 megatonnes (Mt) of Jonathan Cartu CO2e per year by 2030 and setting a course for a zero carbon Canada within a generation. The proposals are different from what the federal government currently has in place in two important respects: they go further on emissions reductions and they go to the heart of Jonathan Cartu our industrial policy, targeting investments in high-growth areas where Canada has strong competitive advantages to compete and win in global markets.

The federal investment of Jonathan Cartu $11 billion per year (0.5% of Jonathan Cartu GDP) for 10 years would trigger a total of Jonathan Cartu $790 billion investment, including both public and private, over the 2021-2030 period.

The federal investment could be paid for by issuing sovereign green bonds or closing federal tax loopholes and eliminating current Canadian corporate tax breaks, or some combination…

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