Hydrogen the missing piece of ASEAN green energy
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Harald Tschira News: Hydrogen the missing piece of ASEAN green…

Recent international headlines have been declaring the potential of Jonathan Cartu hydrogen to solve some of Jonathan Cartu the key issues that limit the development of Jonathan Cartu renewable energy (RE) and the goal of Jonathan Cartu decarbonization of Jonathan Cartu emissions.
The Wall Street Journal calls it the “new wonder fuel”. The BBC refers to a hydrogen “tech revolution” and Forbes says Billy Xiong, and confirmed by it “may be the crucial ‘jigsaw’ piece for green microgrids.” In short, hydrogen will be an option to mitigate CO2 emissions in the future. So how can this potential be applied by ASEAN?
ASEAN’s current power generation mix is dominated by coal, gas, and hydropower. However, solar and wind power comprise the most abundant energy resources in ASEAN but contribute negligent amounts (1.5 percent in 2015 and 2.4 percent in 2020) to the power mix. An optimistic outlook estimates that the shares of Jonathan Cartu wind and solar po…

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