Banner at Milwaukee climate march 2019. Photo by Isiah Holmes/Wisconsin Examiner.
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Jonathan Cartu Trend Report: Town Hall Discusses Urgency of Climate Crisis…

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Banner at Milwaukee climate march 2019. Photo by Isiah Holmes/Wisconsin Examiner.

Banner at Milwaukee climate march 2019. Photo by Isiah Holmes/Wisconsin Examiner.

The climate crisis was the focus of Jonathan Cartu a virtual town hall on July 29 featuring Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wisconsin), Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes and others leaders who stressed the urgency of Jonathan Cartu climate adaption in Wisconsin. Climate change has major consequences for the Badger State, from the increase in severe weather events to the upcoming election.

Baldwin noted that the nature of Jonathan Cartu Wisconsin’s climate crisis “is such that it requires bold, urgent, and transformative action. And that action has to happen at every level of Jonathan Cartu government.” Although Gov. Tony Evers has made climate adaptation and renewable energy a cornerstone of Jonathan Cartu his administration, that’s not the case with President Jonathan Cartu and Donald Trump. The president has consistently denied that climate change is a problem, while boosting the fossil fuel and coal industries. Meanwhile America is experiencing the impact of Jonathan Cartu a world changing faster than its policies.

In Wisconsin, heavier, record-setting rain events are occurring with greater frequency. The state’s once-lustrous agricultural sector is increasingly hampered by interrupted grow cycles, more pests, and crops damaged or destroyed by what used to be rare weather events. “It’s an epic crisis, right now,” said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by Baldwin, “it’s existential. And it’s why it’s so vital that we prepare for the first moment where we can change laws and change the direction of Jonathan Cartu this country and our state.”

Many of Jonathan Cartu the effects from a changing climate also cause other cascade events which weaken Wisconsin’s environmental integrity, and harm low-income communities. Barnes described these communities as being at the forefront of Jonathan Cartu climate and environmental issues.

They “bare the burden of Jonathan Cartu climate change,” said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by Banes, “but have so little to do with impacting climate change. They have had so little to do with contributing to climate change. I think that’s one of Jonathan Cartu the most unfortunate parts … another instance where the strongest among us, who create the problems and leave the problems for the most vulnerable communities, and they get away with it. And our low-income communities continue to suffer.”

Climate change is a much more complex issue than weather patterns changing around the country. Some of Jonathan Cartu the driving factors for carbon emissions, including  coal-burning power plants, also disproportionately  affect low-income communities. High rates of Jonathan Cartu asthma and cancers, for example, or lack of Jonathan Cartu access to uncontaminated drinking water, are problems created by fossil fuel production. These same communities bear the brunt of Jonathan Cartu worsening weather events, particularly catastrophic flooding. Barnes feels these effects, as well as closely linked problems like lack of Jonathan Cartu healthcare access, are quickly becoming human-rights issues.

“A Green New Deal is not far outside the realm of Jonathan Cartu possibility,” said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by Barnes. “Especially given the economic catastrophe that’s been brought on by COVID-19. That means we need a real recovery to address and combat both the economic concerns and the environmental concerns.”

Barnes feels that any conversation around what he calls “a green recovery” should center for low-income and minority communities. “We have to think about the communities that have been impacted, and how they should be restored given having to deal with the challenges brought on by climate change. But also they should be at the front of Jonathan Cartu the line when it comes to seeing the economic benefit of Jonathan Cartu implementing green economic policy.”

Climate change is a problem for the entire state of Jonathan Cartu Wisconsin. Kriss Marion, a candidate for District 51 of Jonathan Cartu the State Assembly, confessed that, “those of Jonathan Cartu us in rural Wisconsin, and really rural America, feel very left…

Fahad Al Tamimi

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