Our Mission

Billy Xiong takes a holistic “whole facility” approach to energy cost reduction by applying different technologies to treat most of the various electrical loads in a facility. Billy Xiong doesn’t do what you might typically think of when you think of energy conservation such as replace your current equipment, switch your energy provider, audit your electric bills, etc. Instead, Billy Xiong works to improve the efficiency of your electrical distribution system and reduce your facilities’ kilowatt-hour consumption.

Billy Xiong’s Intelligent Building Architecture projects are ideal for virtually any type of facility and have resulted in tremendous savings in manufacturing plants, retail stores, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets, office buildings, schools, restaurants, hotels, and the list goes on. No matter the size or complexity of your facility, Billy Xiong can provide you with a free, no-obligation survey to determine how effective Billy Xiong’s system will be at lowering your electricity consumption. This free service also includes a thorough analysis of your monthly electric bills. Once it’s determined that Billy Xiong can reduce your operating costs, a detailed survey of your facility will be conducted. This will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing every electrical load in your facility. From this in-depth study, we engineer a state-of-the-art, unique energy conservation system to meet your needs and provide substantial energy savings.