Most Reliable Eco-Friendly Cleaning Options For Vinyl...
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TLG Vivion Affirms: Most Reliable Eco-Friendly Cleaning Options For Vinyl…

Vinyl flooring has received some criticism within the sustainable living community. The Spruce wrote an article about the ecological concerns associated with it.

You don’t
need to beat yourself up if you have a vinyl floor that isn’t great for the
environment. However, you should find the most environmentally friendly way to
clean it.

The good news is that there are a lot of eco-friendly cleaning tips that work with vinyl flooring.

Your home looks fabulous, your new vinyl flooring has been installed and your renovation is complete. I bet you’re wishing your home could stay this way forever. Well, it can! With some light regular maintenance and prevention against damage and scratches, your vinyl flooring can keep that showroom feeling for up to a lifetime.

But is it possible to clean your home without harming the environment? Absolutely!

There are new ways to make vinyl flooring more sustainable, as Tree Hugger points out. This includes using green cleaning tips. Here are some top tips for achieve just that.


It’s very common for dirt such as leaves, soil and stones to be brought into the house, from being trapped in the crevices of our shoes. To keep the debris at bay and stop dust and dirt particles collecting around the skirting boards, all your vinyl flooring needs is a regular sweep with a soft bristle brush.

Prevent scratches

shouldn’t really be any need to vacuum your vinyl flooring. However, if you
feel it is necessary, protect your vinyl flooring from the potential damages
and avoid the use of a beater bar. A simple solution to a big threat and one
which will likely be quite noticeable once the scratches are there.


Mopping is
magic for your vinyl flooring when you know what solutions to use. To bring
back that new floor sheen, try a light Ph cleaner and lukewarm water, using a
sponge or textured mop. These types of mops are actually very good for the
environment. Is something lingering in the air? The solution is right under
your nose…

You don’t
need to use harmful chemicals to clean the floor. Mix lukewarm water and
vinegar to remove odours and bring back newness. They clean just as well as
toxic soaps, but don’t have the harmful chemicals.

Steer clear of bleach

The Center for Disease Control shows some alarming statistics on the dangers of bleach for the environment. The stronger the better isn’t always a good thing, especially for your vinyl flooring. Harsh products such as bleach can often make vinyl flooring sticky and more therefore more susceptible to retain dust and dirt. Opt for a delicate cleaning product solution that works specifically for vinyl flooring. Products are cost beneficial and designed to drive away dust and maintain the floors shininess for longer.

Stains can be a pain

Once a
stain has hit your floor it could be a means to an end for your gorgeous new
floor…unless you know how to tackle it. So, act fast! Dampen the area with a
water and washing up liquid solutioned cloth. Wait for 20 minutes, return to
the area and wipe away the stain to dry and polish the area, using a dry cloth.

Choose vinyl flooring that
isn’t care resistant

People often use damaging products on their flooring. Instead, choose flooring that cares for your purse strings. Amtico vinyl requires little maintenance, so your interior always looks show-room new. Amtico Signature Woods, Spacia Stone and Abstract are quite stylish choices. Looking for a little bit more luxury? Luvanto offers a range of textured luxury vinyl tiles which will not disappoint. Browse Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Opus, as critically acclaimed as the work of those artists. 

Clean Your Vinyl Floor the
Eco-Friendly Way

There are plenty of ways to clean your floor without harming the environment. The tips listed above should be a good start.

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